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Grips Lady Asymmetric bars 92510

Grips Lady Asymmetric bars

Grips asymmetric bars, Lady, Velcro

  • 2 holes
  • dowel
  • reinforced wrist with Velcro closure

For the size:

From 13 to 13.9cm = Taille GR00

From 14 to 14.9cm = Taille GR0

From 15 to 16.4cm = Taille GR1

From 16.5 to 17.3cm = Taille GR2

From 17.4cm to 18.9cm = Taille GR3

Ref: 92510
Colors: Creme

This item was ordered 9 h ago by Mathilde (Noville-les-Bois-BE)

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Piludu A.
31/08/2016 12:06
the best grips for asymmetric bars

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