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Following the current epidemic of Coronavirus, work in our workshop has been temporarily suspended.

A minimum shipping service for stock items remains in place.

Our sales department will also be limited, but you can contact us by email for urgent requests.
  • Skincare 95342


    Ref: 95342 15,00 € (Stock)

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  • Leotard Glue 93335

    Leotard Glue

    Ref: 93335 19,00 € (Stock)

    Roll on invisible liquid glue to keep your leotard in place.

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  • Sport Heating Gel 95111

    Sport Heating Gel

    Ref: 95111 19,00 € (Stock)

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  • Camphor Oil 95001

    Camphor Oil

    Ref: 95001 9,80 € (Stock)

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  • Glitter Hair Spray Gold 96667G

    Glitter Hair Spray Gold

    Ref: 96667G 5,00 € (Stock)


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  • Glitter Hair Spray Multi 96667M

    Glitter Hair Spray Multi

    Ref: 96667M 5,00 € (Stock)


    This item was ordered 6 day(s) ago by Aurélie (JOZE-FR)

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  • Glitter Hair Spray Silver 96667S

    Glitter Hair Spray Silver

    Ref: 96667S 5,00 € (Stock)


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